If you have a club of 10 or more V-Dubs you can book a club camping area at Bristol Volksfest.

To get the ball rolling please get your club admin to contact us via email to let us know you want a club camping pitch.
Some clubs will already have their name on a drop down list on the club tickets page. If your club name is not there please let us know so we can add it.

All you need to do then is get your club members to book their tickets through the club tickets button. You don't need to book them all at the same time, you just need to make sure that everyone books their tickets by 15th May latest, if not before - tickets may sell out.

Tickets for club camping must be purchased in advance.
This is so that we can put together a list of definitive numbers before the event. This helps us to effectively allocate each club enough space, making sure we don't over/under estimate the amount of space really needed.

Once we've received 10 bookings from your club you will go on the list for reserved club camping and as more come in they will be added to your space. The final number of bookings received before the event will dictate how much space you have. We don't reserve space for people that don't pre book.


** Tickets only - Please note that Bristol Volksfest 2018 is a ticketed access event only. Unlike previous years you won't be able to pay on the gate so if you don't pre-book you will miss out. 

** Minimum of 10 - If you don't pre book a minimum of 10 vehicles we won't be able to reserve you an area.

** Day Visitors - Club members arriving just for the day will not be able to park their vehicle on club pitches as the camping and display areas are in a separate location with no clear access for day visitor vehicles.

* ALL CLUB CAMPING TICKETS MUST BE BOOKED BY THE 6TH MAY (*unless previously sold out)

For £60 you can book a portable toilet, exclusively for your club members. Please email us for more details.