Main stage

The Main stage has seen some legends and up and coming artists and this year will be no different. From Buster Bloodvessel and Bad Manners to Bristol Volksfest favorites The Lewis Creaven Band we try to mix things up and keep it as fresh as we can. Below are listed this years acts all hand picked just for you guys.

grandmaster flash

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In the past, whenever you saw your favourite hip hop DJ play, it has only been about what you hear, not what you see. But what if you could see exactly what the DJs could see? What if you could see exactly what the original hip hop pioneers could see back in the day? DJs searched high and low for exclusive breaks that no other DJ had and went to great lengths to cover the label so no one knew were the breaks came from…

Well now you can, with the first EVER interactive, visual, history of hip hop block party, told by the innovator, the pioneer, one of the creators of Hip Hop music…the one and only Grandmaster Flash.

Demonstrating the original breaks, from the original 70s records AND the original records sleeves shown LIVE on screen. Showing you the amazing history of Hip Hop, the places, the people, the breaks and techniques that started it all while cuttin’ and scratchin’ your favourite tunes on the turntables for one huge, live, interactive, visual Hip Hop block party….Hip Hop, People, Places and things with the legendary Grandmaster Flash.



“Cheeba – the new Director General at Flip-Flop-Trip-Hop AV-TV” Hexstatic

“Pioneering in the world of AV” Eclectic Method

“Genius... Great work!!” Z-Trip

DJ Cheeba is hailed as one of the most progressive audio visual artists around today and has found an audience world wide with his unique style of turntablism and video manipulation.

DJ Cheeba will be performing a Back to the Future Audio Visual spectacular. Mashing up songs from the films and Video to create a feast for the senses.



Formed in Bristol by Bassist Patrick Farrell and Guitarist/Vocalist Lewis Creaven, the band has clocked up thousands of shows and four albums to date. Using many different drummers from the great wellspring of the Bristol music scene, the Lewis Creaven Band play high energy Rock, Blues and Funk, paying homage to musical heroes such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder and many others, along with their own material.