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We are proud to confirm that our chosen charity for the 27th Bristol Volksfest will be Teenage Cancer Trust.
The work they do with young persons in Bristol, the South West and around the country is equally amazing and necessary. In our lifetime most of us will be affected by cancer in some form; whether that is a personal fight against the disease or something we support our family and/or friends through. Nothing can prepare you for this battle, but just imagine having to go through this as a young person, still finding their feet in this crazy world with so much to look forward to and yet to experience.

Help us raise vital funds to support young people and their families affected by cancer. We will be hosting a variety of fundraising opportunities at the show. In addition the entry fees collected for the Show & Shine will be donated to Teenage Cancer Trust.
If you’d like to help us make a start with fundraising before the event that would be amazing. Click on the donate button below to go to our just giving page.

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7 young people are told they have cancer. Just when life should be about fun, friends and the future, cancer shatters everything. Teenage Cancer Trust is determined to make sure that no young people or their families has to face cancer alone.

Words from Teenage Cancer Trust:
In the South West we have been providing expert care for young people in our specialist cancer unit ‘Area 61’ in Bristol. However, the vast geography of the region means the distances travelled for treatment can be enormous making it extremely difficult for many young people and their families to access the support they need.

So, in the past year we have been working with local hospitals across the South West to improve facilities for young patients. By redecorating a bedroom or social space, or providing age-appropriate recreational and educational resources, we have made local hospitals feel comfortable and contemporary, rather than just clinical. We must now urgently fund a network of specialist nurses based at these local hospitals, who will outreach across the local counties to make sure we reach everyone who needs us, wherever they live. 

Teenage Cancer Trust wants to be there for young people and their families during and after cancer treatment but also for all young people, raising awareness in schools and with healthcare professionals.

We cannot do this without the help of amazing supporters like Bristol Volksfest.